The Mandana Gili Air - Boutique Hotel in Paradise | The Mandana Gili Air Boutique Hotel
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Unique Boutique suites in the Wonderful Island of Gili Air – Lombok (Indonesia)

The beautiful Island of Gili Air is a stunning destination to spend an idyllic Vacation, celebrate your Honeymoon, have exciting Diving Courses or simply, Chill arround discovering Relaxing and Beautiful spots.
At The Mandana we meet your needs to adapt our service. With only three suites, we are happy to be  pending on you to offer a personal and friendly experience.

Relaxing days at your choice

Fresh mediterranean lines mixed with the traditional local culture in love with natural materials.

After a hot and exciting day of activities on the island whatelse than a refreshing  bath in your own private pool. Maybe enjoy a quiet evening in the pool with a glass of good wine on the side?

All the accurate details at the most romantic suite at The Mandana.

More than 70m2 of privacy in the first floor of the property over the pool area. Be ready to discover an exciting shower in the semi open bathroom surrounded of vegetation and the brilliant colors of the sky at sunset time.

Confortable traditional design with all the details for your confort.

45m2 in the first floor facing to the east side of the island. Perfect to enjoy the beautiful views over the trees  with the brilliant and warm lights of the sunset.

Direct book and save 18%

Fresh and healthy 5-Course Breakfast


Have a Unique Breakfast Experience is an interesting way to start a Wonderful day in the Paradise. Our Breakfast is freshly cooked by our Chef upon your preferences. Because every guest likes to have breakfast in a different way, at a different time.


Vegetarians and Vegans are always Welcome to enjoy our Signature Breakfast.

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We prefer our guests don’t spend their holidays searching and bargain their transportations.


The Mandana arranges everything for you.


We supervise all your journey till you arrive at your destination adapting your trip to your preferences and needs.


Let your mind flow to enjoy the trip meanwhile we do the hard job.